Welcome to GOD's Family

9:30 am Sunday Worship

11:00 am Sunday Bible Classes for ALL Ages

A sermon over Esther 4 where we look at this incredible moment of bravery on Esther's part and discuss why fasting and other spiritual disciplines can be important.
A sermon over Habakkuk where we look at Habakkuk's difficult questions he poses to God and the difference between faith and faithfulness.
A sermon over Jeremiah 1 and 7 where we look at Jeremiah's call, his own rejection to his call, and his Temple sermon.
A sermon over Isaiah 2, 36, & 37 where we look at Assyria's taunting of Jerusalem and the future vision of a world dominated by peace where weapons of war are no longer needed.
A sermon over Micah where we look at what Micah has to say to the capital cities of Samaria and Jerusalem; and we look at what Micah says about justice and mercy.
A sermon over 2 Kings 5:1-19 where we look at the story of Naaman (a foreigner, an invader, a killer!) getting healed from his skin disease because a young slave girl had enough faith and compassion to point Naaman toward Elisha.
A sermon over 2 Samuel 11, 12, and Psalm 51 where we look at the story of David and Bathsheba and try to understand what happened in the story and discuss what sin is.
A sermon over Ruth 4 where we look at the conclusion to the story of Ruth and Naomi and how Naomi gains new life both physically and spiritually through the birth of Ruth's son.
A sermon over Ruth 3 where we look at the story of Ruth going to Boaz in the middle of the night while he's sleeping to secure her future.
A sermon over Ruth 2 where we look at the story of how Ruth meets Boaz while she's diligently working in the field to provide for her mother-in-law.