Welcome to GOD's Family

9:30 am Sunday Worship

11:00 am Sunday Bible Classes for ALL Ages

A sermon over Matthew 12-13 where we look at the parable of the wheat and the weeds that Jesus told.
A sermon over Matthew 10-11 where we look at what Jesus says about discipleship with regard to our decisions and the kind of rest Jesus offers.
A sermon over Matthew 9 where we look at the faith of the bleeding woman and the faith of Jairus.
A sermon over Matthew 7 where we look at the Golden Rule and Jesus' instruction to build our spiritual foundation on his teaching by hearing and obeying.
A sermon over Matthew 6 where we look at the the Lord's Prayer and what it means to store treasure in heaven.
A sermon over Matthew 5 where we look at the beatitudes and how we are salt and light.
A sermon over Matthew 4 where we look at the Satan's attempts to tempt Jesus and when Jesus called his first disciples.
A sermon over Matthew 3 where we look at John the Baptist's message to Israel and Jesus' baptism in the Jordan River.
A sermon over Matthew 1 where we look at the birth of the promised Messiah and what is so significant about this baby in Bethlehem.
A sermon over Isaiah 42 where we look at the promised Messiah being a light to the nations.