Woman Caught in Adultery

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  • Not only the life of the woman but also his own life depended on his response.

  • The scribes and the Pharisees where hypocritical accusers pretend to entrust the judgement to Jesus where as it is actually he himself whom they wish to accuse and judge.

o   The accusers of the woman, cited the Law of Moses, to provoke Jesus they called him (Διδάσκαλε) - “Didaskale” which means teacher, asking him whether it would be right to stone her.

o   Mosaic Law was crystal clear as to the outcome for the woman. They were fully aware of Jesus’ mercy and love for sinners. They were curious to see how he would respond.

  • If, Jesus absolves the woman caught in adultery, it will be said he has transgress the precepts of Moses; if he condemns her, it will be said he is inconsistent with his message of mercy towards sinners.





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